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GOLF DESIGN introduces THE TEMPLATE PROGRAM, where each customer can see their logo on all of our products. The TEMPLATE consists of two (or more) pages, both shown in the pictures to the right.

The products include HAT CLIPS, DIVOT TOOLS, POCKET COINS, and brand new products that are essential for the golfer: continuously remaining a great seller in your pro shop or golf store.

GOLF DESIGN has innovated products like the Hat Clips, Belt Clip Divot Tools, Pocket Coins, Magnamarks: and now with THE SCORE CARD SERIES we have moved to the next level.

THE SCORE CARD SERIES includes the TROPHY BAG TAG and the SCORE COIN, both including SCORE CARD INFORMATION around the perimeter of the Bag Tag and the coin. Your removable magnetized ball marker i.e. Magnamark nests into one side, and there is a permanent logo on the other side.

These are also fantastic gifts; in fact we had received an order for the TROPHY BAG TAG with SCORE CARD INFORMATION for a very famous power couple in Hollywood. But this is a must for ANYONE who would love to see his or her favorite golf course’s Score Card information on a coin or a Bag Tag: Imagine having those memories each time you play!

And while you're playing golf on the course, the SCORE CARD INFORMATION on the TROPHY BAG TAG or the SCORE COIN allows you to get all the statistics you need without fumbling for a Score Card.

The Bag Tags come in either metal or plastic. The Plastic Bag Tags, being very lightweight, don’t include your ball marker Magnamark, but your logo is embossed into the Plastic Bag Tag using your Country Club colors.

Your removable Magnamark fits strongly on the Metal Bag Tags, and we are the only company with a patent to put the magnet inside the ball marker i.e. the Magnamark for a stronger hold than any other golf accessory company.

This TEMPLATE PROGRAM is a must for any customer – as it allows you to see how your own personal logo looks on our products.

Call us at 1-800-854-6148 or email us at and we'll send you THE TEMPLATE allowing you to see your logo on all our fantastic golf accessories from Golf Design:

Where we not only invent Golf Products, but continue to innovate them.


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